Success Stories through Our Design and Printing Services

StickerDot aims to provide our customers with information that will help them come up with the best decision especially in choosing the right stickers. Inspiration drawn from several Success Stories of clients cannot be underestimated. Their stories will provide insights and valuable information helpful in your decision making. Diverse topics will be discussed here ranging from designs, new product features, specifications, how stickers help in marketing your brand and promoting your business, and a lot more that relate to helping you achieve your goals and objectives. So, expect us to feature a lot of topics that will provide information related to sticker printing and beyond.

What Makes Logo Stickers A Secret Ingredient to Pop Roc Parties

We all deserve to celebrate every momentum of our life whether it is a job promotion, getting married or just gaining a year older, parties never come out of style as long as you celebrate it with the people you love. Deanna Barber, the owner of Pop Roc Parties is inspired to provide epic parties and fulfill every people’s dream of an ideal party. Since 2011, Deanna has been...

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Big Red Stable Snacks: Stickers for Equine Suppliers

On a daily basis, we get to work with clients from various industries. When a client offers something “special” to the market, it surely does tick our interests and make us want to learn more of what they can offer and what they are capable of.  BIG RED’S STABLE SNACKS is quite different in the sense that; their services are geared towards equine treats.  They delicately bake biscuits...

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How business cards help in commercial and residential refrigeration services promotion

Air Mc Ltd specializes in commercial and residential refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation in the Auckland and Rodney area. The company covers all aspects of the trade including design, installation, service, and maintenance. Here’s a short exchange with them, inspiring us: to always take pride in delivering a high standard of work; how keeping an exceptional attitude toward all that we endeavor can bring us to greater possibilities. ...

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Chipmunks Playland & Café: Art Paper Stickers for kids having fun

As a design and sticker printing company, we make sure that customers’ needs and requests are covered. Our design and printing services address both personal and professional needs of clients. Our stickers are very versatile. You only have to choose which one works for you best from our template or should you want the sticker design tweaked or customized, we have a team of talented and experienced designers....

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How candle labels give a better branding to The Perfumers?

Bring your passion to the next level! Your fascination with perfumes might lead you to become a successful entrepreneur. Many people are enthusiastic about perfumes and you can be the solution to that enthusiasm. Give that simple happiness to any individuals out of your home fragrance. The Perfumers plays with the concept of the human mind’s ability to access memory through smell. Discover SIMPLE HAPPINESS with The Perfumers New...

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