How High-Quality Product Labels Help Reinforce Rongoanuku Branding

Posted by StickerDot on November 29, 2023

Effective branding is crucial to business success.
It can create a positive perception of your products, attract more potential leads, increase customer retention, boost brand recognition, and more.

This is why Ani Nuku of Rongoanuku is very particular about the printed materials she uses in her self-care products.

Consistency is crucial in the business.

From creating fine-quality products and ingredients to choosing suitable branding materials to ensure they serve their purpose.

It shows professionalism and that you take the business seriously.

Let us hear the success story of Ani Nuku on how she incorporates stickers and business cards to boost Rongoanuku's branding strategy.

Let us start:

Tell us about Rongoanuku. What are the products or services you offer?

Branding Paper Matte Stickers Rongoanuku

We offer self-care products inspired by rongoa - native NZ botanicals. Growing up, I was not too fond of the taste of the traditional tonics my Mother would make. I knew they were good for me, but I just couldn't drink them without pulling faces. 

This is one of the reasons for creating our tasty and caffeine-free Rongoa Latte Powders. 

I also found myself neglecting my self-care, and it was through my own journey of prioritising my hauora (wellbeing) that these products were imagined and created. They are designed for slow care - thoughtfully crafted to inspire you to take time for yourself. Our products are small batch, artisan products and include a range of superfood lattes infused with rongoa, body serum candles and skincare products. 

We use organic & certified organic ingredients wherever possible. Our products are vegan, dairy-free & use natural sweeteners. The rongoa we use is wild harvested in New Zealand.

Branding Stickers Rongoanuku

What makes Rongoanuku different from the rest?

At Rongoanuku, we honour the sacredness of Rongo by preparing our products with utmost care and respect. Each ingredient is sourced sustainably and processed to preserve its potency. Our products are thoughtfully blessed, infusing them with positive intentions for your holistic well-being. 

When you use our self-care products, you embrace a tradition practised for centuries. We're proud to say our products are one of a kind, and you will not find Rongoa Latte Powders anywhere else. 

Blessed and blended in small batches in Whakatane, New Zealand, we make it easy for everyone to access rongo and incorporate it into their modern lives. Modern convenience, ancient wisdom.

Rongoanuku Branding Labels

How did you find StickerDot?

I was bombarded by several options in New Zealand and overseas when looking for product labels. I found StickerDot through a Google search. What I liked about StickerDot is their website was easy to navigate with a simple layout. 

I found exactly what I was looking for, and best of all, it was simple to customise the label to fit our needs. There are several label options, and it is great to see examples of how they could look. 

Best of all, if you are in doubt about the finish of the label, you can order a packet of sample stickers of all their products. What sets it apart from other sites is that the pricing is stated along with delivery date deadlines.

How did you use the products you've purchased in your business?

We've ordered several product labels through Stickerdot. Our first run was for the product labels and nutritional label panels for our rongoa latte sample packets. I was so impressed with the quality and look of the labels that I did not hesitate to reorder further products. 

These included round logo labels, labels for our clay face mask bottles, business cards and cards for our candles. Our most recent order has been for our face serum oil label. The labels are perfect and have been suitable for their purpose. No worries about smudging the label because of the contents of the bottle.

How did the stickers and business cards help promote your products?

Rongoanuku Gloss Paper Label

I always get compliments on how great the product labels are. It is reassuring to know that our branding and product label design will be of the highest quality and fit for purpose. I am always excited to see our products, which are always better than expected. 

Our colours are matte black and white print, and before ordering, I was concerned that the labels might look cheap or faded. Fortunately, they have always been high-quality, clear and crisp, even with tiny writing. The labels give our products a clean, contemporary and refined look.

Would you recommend StickerDot to anyone?

I highly recommend StickerDot to anyone who asks where I get my labels printed. I have only had good experiences with the Company. Things that stand out to me have been the speed at which my orders have been acknowledged and printed. 

I have messaged them in the past to say that a batch of labels is urgent, so they have printed them urgently and couriered them out immediately. 

I was so relieved and impressed with their service. As I mentioned, their website is easy to navigate, and the pricing is stated, so there is no need to wait for pricing to be confirmed. Delivery is good, and all the labels I ordered exceeded my expectations.