Custom Stickers Help Put Up OCDC Clothing in Town

Posted by StickerDot on November 25, 2021

The women in this town are recognized for their flair when it comes to streetwear. People are increasingly expressing themselves with their guise that over time the style has evolved.  The embodiment of their style has made everyone comment based on their sophistication. So, with a trustworthy clothing company, choose the best fit and style for you. 

Tell us about your company. What are the products or services you've offered?

I started my company OCDC Clothing based on my own battle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. While I was receiving counseling and learning more about the disorder that I have I found an outlet in designing and creating art which I started turning into real life by printing onto clothing and apparel, that is how OCDC was born. I have since run my own Streetwear Store in my hometown in Blenheim at 21 years old and created quite a following online for our brand with over 20,000 people including sending orders overseas to the largest states in the USA and having our clothing worn by influencers and even All Blacks. Our brand is still growing more and more each and everyday and I hope to inspire many and encourage many others with my story to not let themselves be held back


What makes your business different from the rest?

Our business prides itself on giving where we can even though we don't have the most to give, for example, we are doing a 100% profit drop for Lifeline where we are going to raise money with our platform to give to Lifeline a Suicide & Crisis Hotline as this is the sort of values our company wants to pride ourselves on. Our company is also one of the only brands from New Zealand to ever hit the streetwear resell market overseas where our hoodies were being sold for double the retail price in Canada due to demand which is pretty special!

ocdc clothing

How did you find StickerDot?

We found Stickerdot online. We have used multiple different company's for stickers but have finally found the right balance between quality, quantity and service. Since finding them our customers have loved our stickers and we have found them plastered in all sorts of places around the country! We have used a lot of other company's since starting but always found a fault whether it was in quality or the actual pricing of the product itself but I have never second guessed the pricing of Stickerdot and I am so happy to have found them!

How did you use the products you've purchased in your business?

We make up sticker packs for our releases in collections, but we also tend to just give them out for free whether it is a customer's order or at a pop-up shop! We have found our customer base loves stickers with any sort of branding on! We have also used clothing tags from Stickerdot which made our tagging process when shipping very easy with being able to select the range in the setup of how we wanted our tag made! This made for a much more efficient process for us by being able to pick how we want the tag setup.

ocdc custom stickers

How did the stickers/business cards help promote your products, services, or the entire business?

It has helped us with pushing our branding out there more even in ways where it doesn't involve clothing to be worn, whether people put their stickers on their skateboards or street poles it has been a massive part of pushing our branding and logo out there to people that haven't seen it before and giving us exposure to anybody and everybody! Using our stickers has also been a cool way of introducing new people to the brand for free and having them represent the brand and giving us advertising in any sort of place!

Would you recommend StickerDot to anyone?

Yes! I have already recommended it to some other friends of mine who are running brands or other small businesses that are looking for stickers or any type of custom branding! The pricing is super reasonable for any startup business or anyone wanting to find another way to get their logo out there! I am so happy to be working under Stickerdot and I can't wait to continue this business relationship and also see where the use of the products helps benefit my company and grow my company even more! Highly recommend!