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How Chunk'd Cookies Creatively Integrate Paper Stickers Into Its Packaging

Posted by StickerDot on March 27, 2024

Chunk'd Cookies believes that bakery boxes must look professional and functional.

She then integrated art paper stickers into its packaging. It reinforces brand identity, labels products, and seals the packages of her products.

Selling cookies online is challenging, given a myriad of competitors vying around.

But with the correct branding and marketing tools, you are setting your business ahead of the competitors.

Chunk'd Cookies shares how stickers help her business with branding, labelling, and marketing purposes.

Let us delve deeper into it!

Tell us About Chunk'd Cookies and The Various Products You Offer

It all started when COVID-19 forced New Zealand into lockdown in 2020. As a way to stay occupied, baking became a constant activity, alongside recipe testing and perfecting my chocolate chip cookie that had been a crowd-pleaser for years.

Starting off as a hobby to feed me and my flatmate's cookie addiction, Chunk'd now has 11 unique cookie flavours across multiple products and delivers throughout New Zealand! We have classic cookies, gluten-free cookies, lactation cookies, cookie bites, and DIY Cookie Kits!

What Makes Chunk'd Cookies Different From the Others?

Our cookies are 100% vegan, fresh and handmade in Wellington, New Zealand. This means we have high-quality control, and each cookie is unique and always delicious. We process your orders, stamp each box, bake your cookies and pack your orders with love and care.

We support other local businesses and source the best vegan ingredients. We care about our products, supporting other local businesses, and engaging with our customers - we regularly spend our weekends at the markets around Wellington to engage with our customers and hear what they want us to do next!

How Did You Found StickerDot?

After researching online for a company that could offer customer stickers at a reasonable price, I was thrilled to find a New Zealand-owned company that did not cost an arm and a leg. As a small business new to the industry, finding a company that would be patient with our needs, respond quickly, and offer a competitive price was essential.

StickerDot ticked all of these boxes, and we feel very grateful to have worked with them throughout the year! It is also great they offer such a range of products, so it is our one-stop shop for all our sticker needs.

How Did Paper Stickers Become Helpful In Your Business?

We have mainly used the StickerDot products (paper stickers) for our online sales. We ship cookies all over New Zealand and need our boxes to be professional and functional.

StickerDot prints our interior labels, which showcase our flavours, where to contact us, and essential information such as allergens and best-before date.

We also order (seal stickers) labels to close our boxes. These must be sturdy and reliable as the couriers can sometimes be rough with our boxes, and we need to ensure the stickers keep the boxes closed!

Would You Recommend StickerDot to Anyone?

Absolutely, es!