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Kiss Cut

A cut of sticker around the edge of the design, however, the paper backing stays intact.
Recommended for complex design and easier to peel when it is applied.


Bumper Stickers

Conventional marketing on the road

Designed for both indoor & outdoor applications as they are weatherproof & UV resistant,
printed in exceptional quality and durable material that could last for years.
With a wide range of applications, custom bumper stickers are excellent in car windows,
motorcycles, bicycles, skateboards, and likes that require UV protected stickers.

bumper sticker

White PVC - Glossy

This opaque white material with glossy finish holds the ink better and
appears more vibrant when printed. However, since the material itself is glossy,
it diminish the shine on the printed area.


White PVC - Matte

A prelaminated material with a less lustre, yet could still have reflection
from the sheen of the ink.


Transparent Vinyl - Glossy

This material allows your design to be visible from the outside and
best applied on cards, window, glass surfaces and others.



A rainbow-like material that makes your product attractive and luxurious,
hence, complements well with your packaging and labelling.