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How Sticker Labels Strengthen Azurlis Brand Messaging

Posted by StickerDot on August 12, 2022

Rebranding products play a vital role in your business. Your product personality and brand message have to connect with your target customers.

It should meet their expectations and deliver the benefits it promises.

If your marketing strategy is not working, it doesn't hurt to try another approach. It pays to know how you position your product and know who is your target audience. Dr. Fernanda da Silva Tatley, the founder of Azurlis Botanical Skin Care, knew it better. Azurlis has been evolving and rebranding over the years until it reaches the right marketing formula.

How did she manage to get her brand message across? Let's hear her success story, the marketing approach she uses, and why product label is significant to her business:

Tell us about your company. What are the products or services you've offered?

The long and the short answer to this question is - A lot, ranging from the material specifications to best fit the purpose of the label to the feel and the mood that it can project as a reflection of the brand it represents. In rebranding Azurlis™ Botanical Skin Care we were seeking to reflect the key attributes of our philosophy including the avoidance of synthetics and the specific use of botanical ingredients that are beneficial for the skin, harvested with responsibility for ongoing sustainable use in our range, as well as our commitment to developing and using environmentally conscious practices that will help to save our planet for future generations. We truly believe in our strong connection to mother Earth and display this in the colour tones of our brand. This was particularly important for a label that would be visible as the “face of our website” as well as on all our packaging. But, it was also important for our label to mirror the feel our range imparts as the products are being applied to the skin, combining the sensation of smooth texture with the effective protection of natural skin care.

What makes your business different from the rest?

Our mission is to merge knowledge from nature and science in a unified manner to develop a skincare range, free of harmful chemicals, that supports environmentally friendly practices and is rich in those elements of Nature that are beneficial to the body, mind, and soul. Azurlis Natural Skin Care is the result of our commitment to manufacturing a skincare range of the highest quality, with ethics and respect for life, responsibility for the environment, and the desire to provide the best service and support to our customers. We are passionate about our products and would like to be known as a natural skincare company that manufactures a unique skincare range, by merging ancient wisdom with the knowledge gained through scientific research, to benefit the body and the soul.

How did you find StickerDot?

StickerDot Found Azurlis™ and reached out for a collaboration. So, we partnered with the wonderful team at StickerDot NZ who have a wide range of labels and sticker options. They produced our packaging label using Art Paper Stickers with matte finish with a beautifully smooth texture to the touch. The feel of the label completely emulates the soothing and peaceful ethos of Azurlis™ Botanical Skin Care. Our gratitude goes to the StickerDot Team who were fantastic, extremely professional, and prompt, and we really look forward to expanding this partnership further as Azurlis™ evolves, to create a truly win-win scenario.

How did you use the products you've purchased in your business?

We use the stickers in our packing as a brand logo, as well as part of the wrapping to beautifully present the products in their ready-to-dispatch boxes. The softness and unaffected style of the stickers represent the core principles of our brand. This is important since Azurlis™ is about the well-being of the users and those around them. Our products are not tested on animals. We also encourage recycling our packaging and containers. Our boxes are made of recycled paper/board, and as much as possible we use glass bottles and jars. So, holistic skin care is not just about skincare, but rather about caring for our well-being while respecting everything around us, on this fragile and unique planet.

How did the stickers/business cards help promote your products, services, or the entire business?

The stickers are being used to re-enforce the message in the brand and to enhance the experience of opening a special Azurlis™ package. Thus, having good labels, stickers that have a very tactile feel contribute to creating the special moments that arrive from trying new products. This is a useful marketing tool to attract customers to feel unique experiences. We this approach, we hope to appeal to customers that acknowledge that feeling good is not only a personal experience but one that is reflected in the world we live in.

Would you recommend StickerDot to anyone?

Absolutely! The StickerDot Team was fantastic with the email response/communication, advice on the artwork, the layout, the finishes, quality of the stock, and best application, as well as general information on sticker design. The options available from StickerDot are really wide and one's imagination (or lack it) is the limitation. :-) Thus, regardless of the type of job, I would definitely recommend a conversation with Team. The other point that will appeal to many potential customers is the fact that the stickers are really good value and high quality, and you'll have to go a long way to match this.