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The Basics of Sticker Design and Its Importance

Posted by StickerDot on January 16, 2024

Designing a sticker involves creating visual elements, messages, and graphics printed on adhesive-backed materials. 

It existed for many decades already and is helpful for business and personal purposes.

Truly, stickers serve various purposes, making them versatile for personal expression, branding, marketing, and more.

In business, stickers help raise brand awareness, mainly if you use a signature colour across various print branding materials.

According to Colorlib, within 90 seconds, people make up their minds about products and people. Around 62-90% of this initial assessment is solely based on colour. 

It is also said that using a signature colour can improve brand awareness by about 80%.

The study shows how consistently incorporating your branding elements can make your brand recognisable, especially in choosing the appropriate colour scheme.

Without further ado, let us explore the basics of sticker design and why it is crucial.

Let us start:

Define Concept and Purpose


Before you create a design for your stickers, always know the concept and purpose you want to convey. Is it for product labelling, branding, promotion, self-expression, or decoration? This will guide you towards creating a design that visualises your vision and brings it to life.

Consider your target audience and the emotions you want them to feel in your sticker design. Creating a masterpiece with a sure audience who can relate to it is vital. These apply to business and personal uses.

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Incorporate Design Elements


Custom stickers vary in size, depending on where you plan to use them and their purpose. Say it is for product labels. Since stickers are small, keeping the design clean, uncluttered, and high-quality image is crucial.

Use simple shapes, bold lines, and a limited colour scheme for maximum impact. Include only essential details about your product and, if possible, specify the features and benefits. Your branding elements must incorporate one another to produce a fantastic result.

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Use High-Quality Materials & Printing


Choosing sticker materials will depend on the nature of the product or where you intend to place them. Vinyl-based stickers are popular for outdoor applications because they are durable, weatherproof, and waterproof. Paper-based stickers are the most recommended material for indoors or for dry goods.

The quality of printing also plays a crucial role in ensuring its exceptional outcome. Choose a reliable sticker printing service that exceeds your expectations. This will give you a professional result whether it is intended for business or personal.

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Importance of Sticker Design

Now, let us proceed with the importance of excellent sticker design based on where it is intended:

Brand Awareness


If you are into business, brand awareness is imperative to help your brand be at the top of consumers' minds when deciding. Stickers are a great tool to promote your business and reinforce brand visibility. They can be used for product labelling, packaging, giveaways, promotions, etc.

You can either plaster them in your products or let the customers use them for their personal belongings. Both are useful for spreading the message about your brand.

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Marketing and Promotion


Custom stickers are cost-efficient and creative marketing tools. They are effective for getting the message across. They can also act as a portable mini billboard, which helps advertise your marketing campaign on the road.

Whether you plaster stickers on any surface or include them in every customer order as freebies with a promo code, it can work wonders for your business.

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Aside from being used for business purposes, stickers are an excellent outlet for self-expression. You can express personalities, support a cause, express opinions, and more. And these stickers are lovely to plaster on laptops, water bottles, tumblers, mugs, car windows, and other surfaces.

You can also use stickers as a gift to someone with a custom design that reflects their personality. Sticker graffiti is another way to express your love for art and turn your message into designs.

Enhanced Packaging


Boring and plain packaging may drive customers away, especially if the product of the other brands on the shelf looks enticing. Custom stickers can complement your packaging without hurting your budget. They serve as a decoration to add personality and vibrant colour to your product.

Say you want to add gold foil stamping to your stickers. This printing feature helps emphasise your logo design, attracting customers' attention as they tag along with your product.

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Identification and Labelling


Plastering stickers on your parcel is a significant identification to help the customers recognise your brand. It can be used as a packaging label, product label, and other labelling solutions. But be mindful of where to place the stickers to ensure they adhere properly. 

Use waterproof stickers if they are frozen goods. But if it is a DIY craft project, kraft paper stickers would be ideal to label your masterpiece.

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Final Thoughts

It is no secret that stickers are a great way to spark conversation and connect with others who share your interests. They are also an excellent tool for branding, marketing, and conveying information effectively. If designed well, stickers can help improve brand awareness, attract more potential customers, and boost engagement. This is why knowing the importance and basics of sticker design is crucial. We hope you find the information above helpful.