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Top 5 Logo Design Trends to Look For in 2024

Posted by StickerDot on October 13, 2023

Looking forward to the best logo design trends in 2024 is crucial. This is especially true if you plan to venture into a small business.

Being easily recognisable in a crowded marketplace may be challenging.

However, crafting a well-designed logo can set you apart from other brands.

“According to a report, a logo can communicate your brand's commitment to quality and excellence. It influences over 75% of consumers to perceive your products or services as superior.” — Linearity


This is why keeping up with the latest trends can help you create a visually appealing logo that catches customer attention.

Logo can be incorporated on business cards, custom stickers, websites, marketing materials, storefront signage, and more!

Attaching them to any medium is crucial to enhancing brand recognition and visibility.

In this article, we will walk you through the top five logo designs in 2024 that you can steal.

Let us get started:




Neumorphism logo design


Neumorphism logo design is a combination of skeuomorphism and realism to create logos that are interactive and touchable. This style design trend is more modern and utilises soft shadows, gradients, and subtle highlights. These elements are used to create the illusion of realism and visual depth.

Neumorphism consists of interactive elements and realistic textures that add a playful touch to the logo. It creates a visually appealing design that catches attention and improves customer engagement. This can lead to a first and lasting impression on your target audience.


Bioluminescent Colourscapes


Bioluminescent Colourscapes Logo Design

Bioluminescent colourscapes are a design trend that uses bold and iridescent colours. It is a visual representation of a brand that draws inspiration from colourful landscapes and bioluminescence. It gives your logo an ethereal and futuristic feel whilst adding a sense of energy and excitement.

This design trend uses hues that evoke emotions, making your logo stand out. Design your logo and pick hues that communicate your brand personality and values. Be it a combination of blue and green hues, neon pink and electric blue, or more.

Dynamic Minimalism


Dynamic Minimalism Logo Design

Dynamic minimalism is a design trend that combines simplicity and dynamism to create attractive logos. This style emphasises visual simplicity and cleanness while incorporating active elements to add movement or energy to the design. The main goal of using this design is to convey the brand message clearly and uncluttered.

Using this logo style can be applied to several industries and brands. This is perfect if your brand aims to convey a sense of modernity, innovation, and movement while achieving an elegant and minimalist visual style.


Subtle Fonts in Minimalist Typography

Minimalist Typography Logo Design.

Historically, designing a logo relies on typography. But in 2024, less is more. This type of logo design refers to understated typefaces that might look simple but say a lot. It is used to make a clean and refined look in a logo.

This design trend fits your needs if your brand wants to portray clarity, simplicity, elegance, and luxury. Minimalist typography complements the overall aesthetic logo design and creates a sophisticated look. It helps clearly emphasise the brand message.

Metaphoric Storytelling

Metaphoric Storytelling Logo Design

Metaphoric storytelling in logo design uses visual elements and symbolism. This is to convey a deeper meaning or narrative about the brand and its values. Logos can evoke emotions by incorporating symbols to communicate essential goals and tell complex stories.

Metaphoric storytelling logos are ideal if your brand wants to convey complex ideas, emotions, and values. It is also used to engage with your audience in a deeper level of thinking and exploration. Using this design in your logo helps create a strong emotional connection and reflect on your brand's message more profoundly.


Final Thoughts

The logo design trends for 2024 are expected to focus on making memorable and recognisable logos that resonate with audiences. You can expect other trends to be popular in 2024. They are wordmark logos, abstract artistry, sustainable symbols, paper and watercolour, and more. Remember that logo may not be the whole thing in your brand. But it helps the audience to remember you. You can use it as logo stickers to plaster in your packaging, labelling, branding, and other marketing channels.