7 Tips to Create a Strong Brand Identity Using Custom Stickers

Posted by StickerDot on April 12, 2023

Building a strong brand identity is crucial for every business.


Because it separates you from the competition. It also helps the customers to recognise your brand easily.

“Did you know that 55% of brand impressions are mostly visual? This is why choosing the perfect brand design grabs attention and leaves a lasting impression.” — Exploding Topics

And one of the most helpful tools to help shape your brand, increase visibility, and generate a massive audience, is by using custom stickers.

Stickers are cheap and easy to produce. This is helpful to allow customers to get accustomed to your brand, especially products indicated with a personal touch.


Photo by: Laura Anne Boutique

Without further ado, we provide seven tips below to help you convince why custom stickers are necessary to help build a strong brand identity.


1. Define Your Brand

When defining your brand, understand first what it is made up of. An effective brand identity is more than just creating a recognisable logo. It also consists of what your values are, what your brand says, and what you want customers to feel when they interact with your product or company.

Your brand identity must reflect your business personality and values. It pays to deliver the benefits you promise in your advertisement.


2. Create Logo Stickers

A logo is the face of your brand. And using it in a different types of marketing channels is crucial. This is why creating logo stickers is essential to help build your brand identity. You will use it for product labelling and customised packaging.

When designing a logo, keep it memorable and noticeable. There should be consistency with the shape & colour either on-screen or in printed materials. Your logo should be easily recognisable and should look good on different surfaces.

Pro tip: Keep it simple and do not overdo the design, or you will lose its uniqueness and authenticity.


3. Use the Colour of Your Brand

Colours play a crucial role in brand identity. Make sure your custom stickers use the same colour scheme as your brand. This will help to reinforce your brand's visual identity and make it more recognisable.

Whether you use stickers or business cards, always keep the consistency of design and colours. Make it memorable by using bold colours, unique shapes, catchy phrases, and eye-catching graphics to make your brand stand out.


4. Select the Perfect Materials

Picking accurate sticker materials is essential. You need to consider the type of your product and the environment it is usually exposed to. Do you sell cosmetics, frozen goods, beverages, or homemade goods? Then consider using vinyl-based stickers.

Or do you need stickers for signage or to label merchandise items? Bumper stickers are also recommended. It varies based on your product. Various stickers are available in shapes, sizes, finishes, and materials. Choose one that suits your preferences.

Find-a-Reliable-Sticker- Printing-Service

5. Find a Reliable Sticker Printing Service

Do you already have the design or not yet? No worries because you can always depend on a trusted sticker printing service. If you have a graphics designer, you can send the designs to the sticker printing provider and get an online proof.

But if not, you could let them design for you based on your specifications. It is vital to have your stickers printed by an expert to get a professional outcome and the best quality.

Remember to win your customers’ first impressions and get word-of-mouth marketing to build a strong brand identity.


6. Be Creative

Applying creativity in stickers is something you can achieve and improve with the help of a sticker printing company. They have all the materials needed to bring your design ideas to life. Say you want die-cut stickers with a metallic touch.

It has meticulous printing procedures that you can not print easily at home unless you have equipment. Creativity helps define your brand identity that might become relatable to your target audience.

Use-Stickers-in-All-Branding- Aspects

7. Use Stickers in All Branding Aspects

Once you have all the stickers needed, utilise them in all your branding efforts. You can use it by personalising your packaging, custom mailer, product labelling, or plastering it in your vehicle. Anything is possible under the sun.

You could also create thank you stickers to delight customers when they unbox the parcel. But remember that using stickers is not a one-size-fits-all. Stickers have many uses and choose one that fits your specific needs.

Final Thoughts

Building an effective brand identity is indeed challenging. Know that using custom stickers is another way to introduce your brand to the market. But there is more to it than that. There must be consistency in everything you do because all will reflect your brand values.