StickerDot aims to provide our customers with information that will help them come up with the best decision especially in choosing the right stickers. We will be providing insights and valuable information helpful to customers in the decision making. Diverse topics will be discussed here ranging from designs, new product features, specifications, and a lot more that relate to helping you achieve your goals and objectives. Expect us to feature a lot of topics that will provide information related to sticker printing, and sometimes, would go beyond.

Art Paper Stickers and Its Different Uses

When it comes to indoor-use packaging, our customers’ go-to label material is our Art Paper Stickers because they are cheap and hassle-free applications. You won’t have a hard time being consistent with your branding when you start using it for your business. To give you a good example, we will feature some of our customers’ businesses and how they use our bestselling paper-based stickers....

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What is the Right Sticker Material for Different Types of Food Packaging

Food is the thing we consume to keep us healthy that is why you need to keep it fresh by choosing the right type of packaging. Foods have different kinds of shelf life, and you need to figure out the perfect packaging material in preserving it for a long time. When starting a food business, you should know that packaging and labels should work hand-in-hand to bring out your business’s...

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How to Make Your Products Trendy With Stickers

With the ongoing global pandemic, wherein going out and meeting groups of people are strictly prohibited and staying at home is the new norm. This new norm also makes complying with the daily errands change drastically, in a sense, that people are buying their necessities online. With the rise of online shopping, people are also influenced by what they see on social media. That is why business owners are making...

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Can Hologram Stickers be Copied?

As the saying goes if you can’t beat them, join them. Sometimes some business owners think to stay relevant in the business, they’ll be selling knock-offs of their competitors’ products at an affordable price so that they’ll be ahead of the game. If you don’t want to become a victim of counterfeiting offenders, you should use customised hologram stickers as a seal of authenticity but if you’re having doubts that...

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Things to Avoid in Making Bumper Stickers

It is clear that using bumper stickers can be helpful when it comes to advertising your brand. When you have plans in using it to promote your business, you should give time to be more attentive to details especially when it comes to printing. You don’t want to spend on promotional stickers when you are about to receive bad-looking ones. Avoid these tragic situations when you follow the tips below....

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