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Six important tips when designing your sticker

Stickers are a prominent part of package design – a growing business. It is in fact, as old as advertising itself. Designing custom stickers and labels is very similar to designing for traditional print, with a few mall changes. Ensure you get the best results with these tips:...

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Custom Stickers: Unique Christmas Gift

During Christmas season, it is hard to find a unique gift or token for our friends and loved ones. You might want to consider sending custom stickers to them. Stickers have to be unique, customised and tailor-made for a specific goal, for that to be appreciated....

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Your logo makes the best Custom Sticker, here's why

Having custom stickers is one of the most practical ways to promote your business and brand. Having your logo as a custom sticker is also another thing. A logo that is turned to a sticker will have the power to create a lasting impression and an easy recall....

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Top 3 Reasons that Sticker Marketing Works

If you are someone looking for a marketing method that works, then perhaps it is time to consider sticker marketing. Sticker printing is a great way to kick off your offline marketing plans. Stickers are so fun and versatile that they need to be passed around. ...

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What is an Outdoor Sticker?

This is perfect should you be looking for an out of room sticker type. Outdoor stickers have a stronger resistance against UV light, water, and even from scratch. The special protection layer placed on outdoor stickers enables it to last even up to one year depending on the weather....

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