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5 Best Reasons: Why Stickers are Essential to Bakery Boxes

Posted by StickerDot on August 25, 2022

Do you want to increase revenue and boost bakery sales?

How about gaining more customers and making repeat business with you? 

Being in the bakery and pastry industry is challenging. You need to be more creative and innovative in your marketing approach. Did you know a little tweak in your promotion could improve your revenue?

How? Showcase your baked goods and pastry items in a sanitary and contemporary manner.

Packaging plays a vital role and is essential in your bakery business. You should use a custom bakery box that best fits your specific items. Either it's a plain box, a box with a window, a handle, or a corrugated box. It has to create a positive first impression!

Here are the five best reasons why using bakery stickers is essential for custom boxes. And how to attract more potential customers.


Visual Presentation is a Must


How you present your product in a custom bakery box could either make it or break it. Your potential customers have no idea what your pastry products taste like. You can only represent the idea that it tastes so good it melts in their mouth.

Have you seen a food commercial on TV that leaves you in a mouthwatering state? Your packaging material can be the best marketing tool to convey the same message.

No customer would want to buy a pastry that could go messy and deformed. Place it in a beautiful box that looks appealing and delightful.


Raise Brand Awareness


Customising bakery boxes is a far more effective marketing strategy than traditional ones. Make use of custom stickers for the best product labelling and logo. Your product should look unique and tasty enough to make it more noticeable.

Your brand must have a personality that reflects your product and business. Be diligent when picking the type of bakery box materials you use and match it with stickers to boost your brand goals.


Packaging That Tells a Story


People like hearing stories that they can relate to. Does your product have it? Why did you set up a bakery business, and what is your main goal?

Do you aim to serve freshly baked muffins that could remind them of their childhood days with their grandmother? Or do you aim to produce a customised cake that would be a perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries, or birthdays?

A tagline could tell the best stories your target customers might relate to. You could embed your slogan using a paper sticker to complement the design.


Build Trust and Connection


Well-packed pastries and other bakery items promote good sanitary and creativity and contain freshness. People are visual creatures, and your product will be judged based on how you pack it.

Consumers are intelligent people. They won't buy from anyone they don't trust and feel connected with.


Promotes Good Quality


The quality of your product will be judged easily, regardless if someone has tasted it already or not. It's normal for your target customers to be doubtful since they aren't familiar with your product yet.

So, the takeaway? Work on the custom bakery box that could showcase its authentic taste and quality. Always remember that the benefits must reflect on what you advertise.

Being in the bakery industry is quite challenging. You need to be more competitive in your product and your marketing approach. StickerDot can always provide the appropriate labelling and branding needs to complement your bakery box.

Ease your stress because we deliver high-quality stickers that vary in different shapes, sizes and finishes to bring life to the layout you prefer. We cater New Zealand-wide with a reasonable price and a quick turnaround time. Reach out today to work out enticing logo stickers and food labels for your custom bakery box!