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Printed Stickers for Bakery & Confectionery Boxes

Posted by StickerDot on April 01, 2019

Customer bakery stickers and labels will make your experience even sweeter! At StickerDot, we value the importance of a creative presentation for your baked goods.

It is but natural to always want the best in terms of packaging and branding to be as yummy as your confections. Our customer representatives and designers are professional and sweet enough to know the branding and packaging you need for such type of business. They know what to be served to come up with a perfect recipe of charm and panache hence ensuring your branding and bakery products remain on people’s minds.

Our bakery stickers will decorate your baked goods and make them more visually appetizing. Whether you own a bakery or a home-based pastry chef, StickerDot has the right labeling solution for you. Our custom stickers can highlight your brand and send a message of quality and character on your boxes, paper bags, and plastic packaging. Our full-colour labels will surely entice your customers to try your baked goods such as cakes, biscuits, cookies, pies, cupcakes, doughnuts, bread, and more

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StickerDot has whipped up a menu of stickers and custom labels to make your goods stand out from the rest. The most popular applications among bakeries and bake shops are usually stickers for cake boxes, cello pouches, bags, wrappers, order picks, or delivery reminders.

Some varieties that are perfect for the type of industry your business is under are: 

Custom Art Paper Stickers —  aesthetically appealing for your bakery windows or glass walls. Additionally, it also brings an understated accent to coloured packaging,  pastry boxes, and paper goods. These are available in various shapes and sizes making them incredibly versatile and can be used for almost every product in your bakery, café or coffee shop.

Should you be selling or promoting a cake, cupcake, or a large box of baked goods, then probably a bigger bakery box is advised hence a rectangular sticker would be a perfect fit. More so, on the outside, you can make use of the space to highlight your brand, logo, or slogan, and you can even include another label inside the box lid with nutrition facts and ingredient information.

If you sell smaller confections and baked goods such as chocolates, macarons, and croissants, or use small to medium-sized pastry boxes, a square sticker is a beautiful fit for eye-grabbing packaging. Opening up a pretty box is always exciting, even if you know what’s already there.

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