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What is an Outdoor Sticker?

Posted by StickerDot on June 23, 2021

This is perfect should you be looking for an out of room sticker type. Outdoor stickers have a stronger resistance against UV light, water, and even from scratch. The special protection layer placed on outdoor stickers enables it to last even up to one year depending on the weather.

These stickers can be used outside maybe for sign direction or in any other events or promotional media. We offer custom sticker designs hence stickers can be printed in any size, shape or as specified. These stickers are easy to install and can even stick on the helmet, cars, and motorcycle.

Bumper Stickers are perfect for outdoors.  These stickers come in white PVC or transparent vinyl materials to give you the liberty to choose between glossy or matte finishes.

Aside from bumper stickers, vinyl decals are also perfect for outdoor utility.  Vinyl decal has two types. One is the custom decals and the other is lettering decals. It’s good to get educated on how both differ.


Custom Decals  are much easier to apply on surfaces. These are commonly used for logos, trademarks, and images. This is a typical "peel and stick" label type. Normally, custom decals are printed on a clear or white vinyl using ink to display a design with full-colour print. Custom decals are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. For outdoor applications, it will last depending on weather conditions.


Lettering Decals  has a different process compared to custom decals. This needs a little more time, care (and patience) when installing it to a certain surface. This can be cut according to your specific design without any background through the use of coloured vinyl material. Unlike Custom Decals, lettering decal is available in certain colors. This type is also known as a no-print-process decal. 

Stickers come on a convenient roll for easy applications too. In fact, our sticker designs come in square, oval, rectangle, circle or custom shape variations.

At StickerDot you are guaranteed to receive a sticker perfect for your personal or business needs. It comes in a high-quality design at an affordable price. We offer fast and free shipping too.

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