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Easy Ways to Customise Wine Glasses Using Vinyl Stickers

Posted by StickerDot on October 18, 2022

Are you about to host an upcoming dinner party? Or are you preparing for an upcoming engagement party, bachelorette party, or wedding ceremony? 

It can feel exciting and daunting at the same time. You wanted to impress your guests and make this event successful.

Almost everything is fine, from food to other preparations. Until you’re stuck with wine glasses since drinking wine is already a part of the celebration.

Customising wine glasses makes the drinking session and the occasion extra special, specifically if it is for a wedding.

Doesn’t it feel good to have the initials of your name and your partner plastered on the wine glass? It’s your moment, so you have the right to do everything you desire.

Fun Facts: Using the right wine glass could improve the taste of your wine and perform better than others. 

A DIY custom wine glass could save you a lot of money. You are in control of the designs and the outcome.

Without further ado, you will learn in this article how to customise your wine glass using vinyl stickers in these easy ways:


Consider the Occasion


Personalising wine glasses fit many occasions, such as engagement parties, birthdays, or dinner parties. You need to consider the events to know what designs suit the theme.


Select the Type of Wine Glass


Choosing the exact type of wine glass and its bowl shape is crucial if you want your guests to have the best wine experience. While you can drink wine in any vessel you desire, it is more ethical to serve a wine that fits the specific bowl shape. 

Why does it matter? 


Because different shapes of glasses have something to do with the density and position of vapours. Know that vapour carries aromatic compounds into your nose and is responsible for producing flavours in wine.

The red wine glass uses a big bowled shape to allow the wine to breathe and release aromas and wine flavours. The white wine glass has a smaller bowled shape to preserve floral aromas and maintain cooler temperatures. Bigger bowls can be used for full-bodied white wines like oak-aged Chardonnay, Viognier, White Rioja, and orange wines.


Enjoy your glass of champagne with a personalised name of your favourite place using a vinyl lettering sticker.

Create Your Designs


The visibility of your design matters as much as the shape of the wine glass. It must be bolder and visible enough for everyone to notice and appreciate. Make your designs fit within the party theme. 

Will you celebrate your Mom’s 50th birthday, or will your parents have their wedding vow renewals? Make the event memorable by customising wine glasses with adorable designs.

Find a Reliable Sticker Printing Company


If you’re done with your designs, find a reliable sticker printing company in your area. They will print your vinyl stickers and could even improve your dream design upon request. Printing in bulk saves you time and money.

Apply the Vinyl Stickers


Apply the Vinyl Stickers1   Apply-the-Vinyl-Stickers2   Apply-the-Vinyl-Stickers3

Before applying, ensure that your glass is clean and dry. You can also add a bit of water inside that will serve as your measurement to locate the perfect positioning of the stickers. 

Once applied, use any cards to eliminate air bubbles and ensure adherence to the surface. Finally, remove the transfer tape to see the final result, and voila, you’re done!

Final Thoughts

Special events only happen rarely, so why not make it extra special? Customise wine glasses now and make the best event out of them.

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