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How to Personalise Your Gift Box Using Custom Stickers

Posted by StickerDot on March 08, 2023

Are you looking for ways to level up your gift box business?

Do you want to know how to make a positive first impression and gain loyal customers?

A brilliant way to do that is to personalise your gift box with custom stickers.

"Did you know that 92% of customers prefer a product recommendation from friends and families over traditional advertising? This is why you should customise your gift boxes with unique physical impressions.

It creates buzz about your brand, and the recipients will likely share their surprise with their family and friends. A surefire way to generate word-of-mouth marketing." — Sendoso


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If you are a startup or already an established one, understand that there are many big players in the industry.

You must stand out from the crowd to help the target customers differentiate your brand from the competitors.

Employing custom stickers is one of the best ways to make your product memorable and recognisable.

In this article, you will learn why customising gift boxes is necessary and how to do it using custom stickers.

Are you ready? Let’s start now!


Consider the Theme


Knowing the occasion and considering the theme is vital when customising the gift box. Why? Because it makes the event extra special for the recipients. Say the gifts were intended for a wedding anniversary and your decoration is plain and boring.

Do you think it would encourage customers to repeat business with you, let alone leave a good impression or feedback? Know your goals and always exceed your customers' expectations.


Choose the Type of Box


One good reason why the gift box market continues to grow and gain popularity is because of the materials used. Gift boxes are durable and reusable, have an attractive appearance and ensure the safe delivery of the gift item.

You must consider the materials you will use for packaging. Here are the following types of boxes you can use:

• Corrugated Box

• Paperboard Box

• Plastic Box

• Rigid Box

• Folding Carton Box

• Full Overlap Box

• Telescope Box

• Collapsible Box

• Roll End Tuck Top Box

• Mailer Box

• Shoulder Box

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Pick Custom Stickers to Use


When choosing what stickers to use, always complement them to the occasion or as per your client’s request. Is the gift box intended for birthdays, anniversaries, corporate gifts, or first-time moms? You can always spice it up with stickers.

If your design is complex, you can always choose die cut stickers with gold foil stamps to create an elegant touch. A thank you sticker is also a great choice to express gratitude. It delights the recipients when they open the gift box.


Decide on the Placement of Stickers


Stickers are flexible and can be placed outside or inside the box. You can display your logo stickers outside the box to make them recognisable to the recipients. Or use custom stickers as freebies for the items inside.

The goal is to increase brand recognition, and it depends on where you want to stick it in your packaging. Make sure that when clients receive the gift box, you gain their positive impression to make your brand stay on top of their minds.

Add a Personal Touch


You could use other materials to add a personal touch in addition to stickers. Tissue paper or shredded paper inside the box protects the gift and adds a pop of colour. A ribbon or a gift tag works fine, too, for a finishing touch.

Add any materials you think can attract attention and best represent your products. Win their first impression, and word-of-mouth marketing will spark organic conversations.


Final Thoughts

The gift box industry has continued to grow its market because it is convenient for many customers. And you want to attract those consumers who patronise your product. Employing custom stickers is excellent for personalise the items and the packaging. It also boosts brand recognition and wins a positive impression from your target audience.