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How to Design Swing Tags to Boost Your Apparel Business With Canva

Posted by StickerDot on July 26, 2023

Creating brand awareness for your apparel business is crucial.

Just imagine the number of competitors vying around to get the customer’s short attention span.

It pays to be more creative and competitive in your marketing approach.

“According to a report, an eCommerce market of the New Zealand Fashion is expected to increase US$1,752.3 million by 2023.” — eCommerce DB

The data above shows that there is profit in this sector.

It is just a matter of effective branding and strategy to attract potential customers.

One key role is to create well-designed swing tags that convey a message about your brand and product.

Have no flair for graphic design?

No worries! We will teach you how to design so you can boost your apparel business!

Here are the ways how to create swing tags in Canva:

Create an Account



  • Go to Canva and log in with your Gmail or Facebook credentials.


  • Once your account is set up, go to the search bar and type in “swing tags”

Select Your Preferred Template



  • Choose a template that suits your brand style and aesthetics.

  • You can design as many templates as you want, so you have many choices to make.

Customise & Include Brand Elements



  • Start customising swing tags that fit the description of your apparel business and products. Change the colours, fonts, and background.

  • Include your logo and other visual elements that reflect your brand values and personality. It is important to note that consistency helps create a cohesive brand identity that customers will easily recognise.

  • You can also use the images, icons, and illustrations from Canva's library to enhance your swing tag design. Visual elements are essential because they help convey the message about your brand.

Add Product Information


  • Some of the product information you must include in your swing tags that are essentials are as follows:

    • Business Logo

    • Price and QR Code

    • Tagline

    • Brand Message

    • Care Instruction

    • Social Media Page & Website URL

    • Contact Business Number

  • Remember not to overdo the design or fill in unnecessary details. Leverage the white space, and there must be a typography hierarchy for easy reading.

Review and Finalise



  • This process will save you time and money because once they are printed, you will use them to label and brand your apparel items.

Save and Print



  • It's time to save your artwork and download the file image. If you are not a Canva Pro user, you can download it using PNG, JPEG, or PDF files.

  • Then, look for a reliable sticker printing company to help print your swing tags using high-quality, professional-looking materials.

Why Swing Tags are Essential to Your Apparel Business


Boost Brand Identity


Swing tags are the best opportunity to boost brand identity and establish a memorable brand image. This is why being consistent when designing and incorporating branding elements are crucial. It helps the customers identify your products, build brand loyalty, and make a recognisable brand presence.

Whether you display the products in the boutique or sell them online, tags are essential to inform consumers where it is coming from.

Display Product Information

One of the purposes of clothing tags is to display product information and convey what the product entails. These details include product name, size, fabric composition, care instructions, pricing, and other relevant information.

You are like communicating with your customers even without your presence. So it is best to make the information clear and concise and fit the item description. It helps customers make informed buying decisions and enhances their overall shopping experience.

Differentiation and Promotion


Another benefit of swing tags is their capacity to make your apparel items stand out. Be sure to create well-designed tags with high-quality materials. This will catch customer attention and differentiate your product from the others.

Use visually appealing graphics and finishes, unique shapes, and well-incorporated elements. Remember that first impressions and consistency matter. Impress the customers not only with how the items look but also with how you present the products.

Quality Perception and Professionalism


High-quality tags could add a professional touch and convey a sense of quality to your products. It gives a perception that your garments are well-made and worth exchanging their hard-earned money. Swing tags can differentiate your brand from others and increase perceived value.

This tool might be a small entity but carries vital information about your brand and products.

Help Promote Your Business


Custom swing tags are also designed to help promote your business. Imagine a product without any label. How would a customer identify its price, brand, product details, and more? It would hurt your business because a confused customer would look for the same items from another brand.

The tag’s presence showcases your brand image and answers consumer queries, especially if you include a QR Code.

Final Thoughts

Swing tags, like other custom-printed marketing tools, are helpful assets. They improve brand awareness and differentiate your items in a world full of me-too products. A unique design and high-quality materials are great differentiators to help you stand out. We hope our guide helps you create the best swing tags for your apparel business.