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How to come up with the best Swing Tag

Posted by StickerDot on February 20, 2019

In simple terms, swing tags are labels that store owners normally attach to pieces of merchandise that include a variety of information such as the name of the designer or manufacturer. It also has care instructions or material used for an item. Basically, swing tags convey the very essence of your business. A well-designed, swing tag will attract as well as inform your customers.

Swing Tags for Branding

The quality of your swing tags can say a lot of things about your business and of course can greatly affect your customers buying decisions. For example, when swing tags seem cheap this might send a substandard message towards customers. Make sure that you come up with a design that differentiates your brand from other similar brands on the market.

We understand how challenging it can be to design a perfect swing tag for your business from colours to shapes, etc., but you don’t need to worry, we have a team of professional designers that could assist you.

How to come up with the best Swing Tag

Do not overload your swing tags with information. Just consider the following:

  1. Care and pricing information
  2. Background information about your brand
  3. Materials list especially if those are eco-friendly materials because that appears to environmentally conscious consumers.
  4. Background information on a product’s origins.
  5. One-of-kind details for unique items.
  6. Social media information and your brand’s website.
  7. Also, include your logo for customers to immediately identify your brand.

When you have the basics, for sure, your swing tag will do half the job for you: Portray the type of brand that you represent. As mentioned, our swing tags come in many shapes, sizes, and paper stock thickness. 

If ever you have questions and need help or needs inspiration for your swing tag design, check out the swing tag products on our website. Contact StickerDot so we can help you!

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