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5 Easy Steps to Create Logo Stickers For Your Food Packaging

Posted by StickerDot on February 24, 2023

Product packaging, in general, plays an integral part, especially in retail and e-commerce businesses.

People make quick judgments based solely on how you present your product in the marketplace. This is why you should never belittle the power of packaging in every aspect.

Why? Because it can either make or break your product, from how you design it to choosing the appropriate and sustainable materials.

Your product's packaging is the first physical touchpoint customers will experience. From then on, you have to convince them why it is worth purchasing from you instead of the others.



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"67% of consumers agree that when choosing the products to purchase, the materials used in packaging influence them." — Globe Newswire

Every element in your food packaging plays a significant role because they have individual purposes for why they exist, especially your logo sticker.

Say your business is a homecooked meal and baked goodies. Presentation is vital since the customers have no idea what your product tastes like.

You have to lure them with your product presentation to hook their attention. A logo is essential to identify that it was coming from you.

Below are five helpful guidelines for creating logo stickers that will improve your food parcel and boost brand identification.




1. Use Canva Designer Tool


Canva is the easiest and most accessible tool for using free templates for your logo sticker design. Go to Canva and click “log in” using your Gmail or Facebook credentials.

After that, search for food logo stickers to get plenty of options for your project.



2. Choose Logo Sticker Templates


You always have the freedom to start from scratch when designing your sticker. But if you want to use free templates, pick the best one. Select the best logo sticker templates that resonate with your needs.

Choose at least 2-3 template options to identify the best one that suits your packaging. Never be afraid to explore different designs and elements


Twist-and-Personalised-the- Elements


3. Twist & Personalised the Elements


Start customising your logo stickers and explore all the elements available. Play around with shapes, colour schemes, graphic photos and fonts. You can upload your illustration or your logo to replace the original design.

If you want to include a short slogan, pick a readable font. You need to convey the message in a clear and concise manner.




4. Check & Polish Error


Always double-check your work after editing your logo sticker. This is to avoid problems and resources once it is already printed out. Check out its spelling, readability, colour scheme, and other elements that are in proper order.

Be keen on details when polishing and checking errors because it helps to beautify your product packaging.




5. Save, Download & Print


Save and download your work in a JPEG, PNG, or PDF format for a non-Canva Pro User. The next step is to print the sticker. Do it in the comfort of your home or through a dependable, cheap sticker printing service in New Zealand.

Remember to use a high-quality logo sticker because it adds appeal to your food packaging. Your product will become recognisable, which boosts your brand identity. Finally, identify the type of sticker materials you will use.

Employ paper-based stickers for indoor uses and dry goods. But use a vinyl-based sticker if your product is more prone to water, moisture, heat or cold.

Final Thoughts

Note that your main goal in creating a logo sticker is to boost brand presence when attached to your packaging. Keep it simple yet catchy enough to be noticed by your potential customers. Stay authentic and consistent with your branding so long as it works in your favour.