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4 Reasons Why Swing Tags Help Promote Your Pet Products

Posted by StickerDot on March 22, 2021

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic happened, the global prevalence of anxiety and depression has increased to 25% in its first year, according to the World Health Organisation.

People across the globe are strictly prohibited from going outside for safety reasons. However, the isolation has caused the mental suffering of many people.

This is why having pets as a companion helps reduce anxiety and increases the rate of pet humanisation. Pet owners are conscious of the health of their furbabies, so they are willing to provide anything from food, toys, pet care, and pet healthcare.

The event led to drastic growth in the pet industry, while other businesses suffered because of the total lockdown.

As a business owner who sells pet products, you have a better chance of gaining profit in this industry if you hit the right target market.

64% of New Zealanders own at least 1 pet per household, with 4.6 million pets estimated, making them outnumber their owners." — NZ Herald

The number shows there is a huge demand for pet-related products and services.

Using swing tags as part of your marketing tool and product branding is wise.

This article will provide insights into why swing tags help promote your pet products.

Display Product Information



Custom labels like swing tags are vital in pet products because they display product information. Stickers also work wonderfully, but tags are another unique option to showcase your brand. It looks creative and enticing to influence the buying decisions of your potential customers.

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, using it can highlight your products' selling points and convince customers to make a purchase.

Versatile and Cheap Marketing Tool



Another reason tags are useful is their versatility. They serve many purposes to promote your goods. This small tag is attached to the product using a thread. It carries brief and helpful information about your business.

It is a cheap marketing tool that generates ROI. You can use it to label products, customise packaging, sell them as pet ID tags, and more. Let the customers know what makes your brand different from the others. So make the best product presentation to lure the fur parents.


Act as a Thank You Card



Expressing gratitude and appreciation towards the customers could help gain their trust and loyalty. Swing tags can be the best tool to convey the message by using it as a thank-you card alternative. People would be delighted to find your personalised products on their doorstep.

It should be one of the things you must never forget to include in your parcel. Your customers will appreciate it and may even do repeat business or refer your products to their friends and family.


Long-Term Free Advertisement


Long-Term Free Advertisement

Once a swing tag is printed, attached to the product, and distributed to buyers, it could give your brand a long-term free advertisement. It does not require additional expenses but could increase potential clients.

This is why choosing high-quality cardstock materials and unique designs helps gain attraction towards your customers. Remember to include the necessary information that best describes the product and the benefits their pets could get.

Final Thoughts

Pet owners are willing to buy products or services as long as they benefit their pets. A well-designed swing tag can help convince the target audience and influence their purchasing decision.