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What Makes Logo Stickers A Secret Ingredient to Pop Roc Parties

Posted by StickerDot on August 05, 2019

We all deserve to celebrate every momentum of our life whether it is a job promotion, getting married or just gaining a year older, parties never come out of style as long as you celebrate it with the people you love. Deanna Barber, the owner of Pop Roc Parties is inspired to provide epic parties and fulfill every people’s dream of an ideal party.

Since 2011, Deanna has been overcoming party planning dilemmas and party rental mishaps with the help of using logo stickers to put it in chairs and stools as an indication that she owns it. She also uses stickers for packaging purposes. 

Owning a party business is challenging but if it is your passion to make people happy, the struggle will be worth it take it from Deanna’s experience and start creating fun-filled parties today!  

Pop Rock Parties Art Custom Stickers

Can you tell us all about Pop Roc Parties?

Created out of a love of parties, entertaining and all things pretty, here at Pop Roc Parties we think we've got a pretty amazing range of unique party supplies and decorations so you can create your own inspiring celebrations! We are an online party supply and party hire store based in Auckland, New Zealand.

While we are predominantly an online store, we appreciate that some people like to touch and feel before they buy. Therefore, our Auckland customers are welcome to make an appointment to visit our home-based studio in Bayswater.

What are the products or services you've offered?

We've got everything you need for baby showers, engagement parties, birthday parties, Easter, Halloween, Christmas - you find a reason to celebrate and we'll have the decor and tableware for you!

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Pop Rock Parties Art Custom Labels

How do you use the products you've purchased in your business?

The paper stickers we purchase from StickerDot are used for a number of things within our business. We have over 100 children sized chairs and stools for hire and they all have one of our logo stickers on them. From wooden stools to plastic chairs, no matter what material they are made from, the stickers are such great quality that they stay in place without peeling. As we purchase our balloons in bulk, we have to repackage them to sell to our customers. Every balloon pack has a logo sticker on it which is great branding for our business.

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