How candle labels give a better branding to The Perfumers?

Posted by StickerDot on January 11, 2018

Bring your passion to the next level! Your fascination with perfumes might lead you to become a successful entrepreneur. Many people are enthusiastic about perfumes and you can be the solution to that enthusiasm. Give that simple happiness to any individuals out of your home fragrance.

The Perfumers plays with the concept of the human mind’s ability to access memory through smell. Discover SIMPLE HAPPINESS with The Perfumers New Zealand.

Tell us about your company and the products or services you've offered?

The Perfumers are a Christchurch based small fragrance company that work in collaboration with local artists. All of our boutique candles and skincare products are individually hand crafted, one-by-one, using local ingredients where possible. We emphasise appreciation for the small things that produce the purest feelings of happiness. In a world dominated by money, possessions and public image, it can be easy to forget to embrace the simple things that make us happy. Discover SIMPLE HAPPINESS with The Perfumers New Zealand.

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How The Perfumers use StickerDot?

The Perfumers is famous for producing scented candles for consumers and businesses and StickerDot has been a huge help to them. They use StickerDot to provide them high-quality candle labels that give great aesthetics to the products. In branding a product, you should have outstanding quality labels to excite your customers about grabbing your products. StickerDot is remarkable in providing affordable candle labels by providing all the stickers requirement by The Perfumers. Use StickerDot now which produce any kinds for your products.

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