Chipmunks Playland and Care Custom Stickersstories # 2

Chipmunks Playland & Café: Art Paper Stickers for kids having fun

Posted by StickerDot on July 29, 2018

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Tell us about your company and the products or services that you offer?

Chipmunks Playland & Cafe is Papanui is a perfect place for the whole family to hang out, spend time- no matter what the weather.  It is a place where you can  enjoy hours of fun at our indoor playground.  Here, fun has no limits.

Chipmunks Playland and Care Custom Art Stickers


Who do you cater to?

Kids and kids at heart can play for hours in the indoor playground. In other words, not only do the kids have a great time but adults too! We’ve split the area into dedicated age zones for maximum adventure, excitement and of course safety.

How does one area differ from one another?

Each area has been designed with unique equipment best suited to the child’s age, learning and development levels and to enhance the experience for the child through active play.

Do you also have restaurants or stores that would serve snacks inside?

Chipmunks Playland and Care  Custom Labels

Chipmunks onsite cafe offers a full menu of refreshments, meals and barista made coffee. There’s something for everyone to enjoy, you won’t want to leave.

What do you love most about this business?

We love making kids smile at Chipmunks and we do this in a number of ways: For one, having an awesome play land experience for our customers, which is backed by our amazing team and great cafe experience for parents.

Having been in this type of business, what have you learned or what are you learning so far?

To really focus on the customer experience and always looking for ways to improve.

After kids (and adults too) had fun here, what do you usually observe?

One thing we know is that most kids don't want to leave Chipmunks.  In return, as a team we always look at ways to help the caregivers to enjoy the experience which includes being able to get the kids to leave in a positive way.

How was the StickerDot experience? How were we able to help you?

Great question! We love chatting as the kids leave and offering them a sticker with Charlie Chipmunk is a winner for everyone. This is where StickerDot comes in! So, thank you because our staff, the parents and especially our wee customers love your stickers!