Big Red Stable Snacks: Stickers for Equine Suppliers

Posted by StickerDot on February 11, 2019

On a daily basis, we get to work with clients from various industries. When a client offers something “special” to the market, it surely does tick our interests and make us want to learn more of what they can offer and what they are capable of. 

BIG RED’S STABLE SNACKS is quite different in the sense that; their services are geared towards equine treats.  They delicately bake biscuits (available in different flavors) in an Italian oven for horses. The team has always believed that just like humans, horses also deserve a treat.

Tell us about your company

Our Big Red's Stable Snacks (BRSS) company is based on the belief that our customers (including your horse’s needs) are of the utmost importance to us. We are the leading supplier to the equestrian market place for horse treats with 97 stores nationwide.  The Big Reds name and brand is known for the highest quality ingredients and available all over the country, we run limited Edition flavours for the big events like HOY where 120,000 people can attend in a week.

Big Red Stable Plastic Stickers

Can you explain shortly what specifically do you do?

We make amazing biscuits where we use freshly grated whole carrots in our Carrot biscuits, with yummy juicy apple puree in our Apple ones, natural sweet molasses for our Molasses biscuits, and tasty granulated garlic in our Garlic cookies just perfect for winter cold treats. We also have scrumptious spicy cinnamon flavour and a fantastic Herbal flavor with thyme, rosemary for that extra healthy treat for your very special equine friend. Yummy crushed Linseed with a distinctly nutty flavour, Spearmint with dried mint leaves. A fabulous healthy Turmeric and Black Pepper biscuit as well.

This business is quite new to us, but I think it makes sense to ask: What makes you different from other competitors?

Our cookie treats are all hand made by our Big Red's bakers and are slowly oven baked in an Italian stone oven over a period of 3 hours. Only the highest quality ingredients are used. To share, we have baked over 34 tons in the last six (6) years of being in the New Zealand market.

Until now, our commitment stays the same: Our entire team is committed to using only the highest quality ingredients to make our wonderful equine reward and treating biscuits.

Big Red Stable Jar Stickers

Amazing. For now, how many flavors do you have?

We currently have 15 flavors and numerous products lines of sizes from 24 pieces to 5kg buckets. As mentioned, flavors range from Apple, Molasses, Carrot, Garlic, Cinnamon, Linseed, Herbal, Spearmint, Turmeric/black pepper, SUGARFREE carrot for Laminatic and diabetic equines and miniature ponies.......we also have a colored range of carrot and apple for the kids ponies.

Big Red Stable Custom Stickers

Now, let us know what was the purpose of the stickers you have ordered from us. How did it help your business?

All the stickers we purchased were used to label all our 15 products front and rear.  Stickers are of the highest quality and look amazing.  Even when looking at the bags, stickers have been printed exactly as how we wanted those to be.

We have purchased in excess of 12000 art paper stickers in all sizes and shapes to accommodate our product lines from jars to buckets to different sized bags and even noodle boxes.

Big Red Stable Vinyl Art Stickers

How did you find the over-all quality of the ordered stickers?

The standard is excellent and the quality second to none. We are extremely happy with every order we make with StickerDot and the price remains unbeaten.

Big Red Stable Snaks Custom Stickers