Top 3 Reasons that Sticker Marketing Works

If you are someone looking for a marketing method that works, then perhaps it is time to consider sticker marketing. Sticker printing is a great way to kick off your offline marketing plans. Stickers are so fun and versatile that they need to be passed around. 

Here are the top reasons why you need to include sticker marketing in your advertising budget. 


The cost per sticker is much lower than other marketing tools. This makes stickers a great choice when you want to send your message across to a lot of people quickly with minimal impact on your marketing budget. StickerDot offers various type of stickers that suit your marketing goals.

The simple the message, the better!

Since most stickers are limited in size they do not usually include too many texts on it, which means that you have to keep your message direct to the point. This is an advantage over detailed brochures used in promoting products or business because the shorter the message, the easier it is to remember and pass on.

Start with existing customer base

Existing customers most likely will not pick up a brochure or a flyer if they already knew where to find you. Stickers are fun to have hence existing customers will likely accept those. If these loyal customers were willing to pass or display a sticker in their cars, for example, you will discover that your customer base had grown exponentially making the sticker campaign successful.