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5 Sticker Marketing Tips to Scale Up Your Small Business

Posted by StickerDot on November 20, 2023

Growing a small business has always been every business owner’s dream, as it can increase revenue.

While that may be good, reaching the desired outcome will require ample resources.
Growth can be associated with business expansion, hiring more workforce, buying new equipment, technology, etc.

“According to Harvard Business Review, growth means increasing revenue at the same rate as adding resources. On the other hand, scaling means adding profit without substantially expanding resources.”

While growing may be ideal, scaling is more practical because it does not require many resources. 

There are various ways to help scale your small business without breaking the bank. 

One way is to use custom stickers as your marketing tool.

Let us dive further to help you understand why this tool can be a practical solution for scaling your business!

Create Well-Designed Stickers


Custom stickers are a great tool to bring your vision to life. Always think outside the box to gain creative ideas. Then, turn this idea into a design that aligns with your branding and marketing purposes. Say you want to create an ad for the outdoors. Be it for vehicle wrap advertising, guerilla marketing, freebies, giveaways, promotional merchandise, and more. 

Think of creative artwork with a clear message that hooks target customers’ attention. Your hard work will be in vain if you don’t get the customers to read your ad. Make it enticing and appealing so they will pay attention.


Choose Standard Quality Materials


Using high-quality sticker materials is non-negotiable because it will reflect on your brand and product. Customers will always judge the book by its cover, whether they like it or not. So, how you present the product to the market can make or break your business.

Stickers have different materials to suit your specifications. Be mindful about where you intend to use them, especially the nature of the product. Paper-based stickers are suitable for indoor applications and are non-waterproof.

Vinyl-based stickers are waterproof, but not all can be used outdoors. Ensure to select appropriate materials that suit your situation.


Integrate With Digital Marketing


Including QR codes in your sticker design is one of the best ways to integrate print into digital marketing. Since stickers cannot cater to your brand’s complete information, a QR code is a game changer. This can give quick access to customers about your brand and products with just a single scan to their smartphones.

You can lead potential customers to your landing page content, promotional video, hidden discount code, website, social media channels, and more. This can boost customer engagement and conversions.


Include in Packaging


Custom stickers are known as versatile, making them practical for use anywhere. This tool can serve as packaging labels, Thank You stickers, freebies, and more. It adds a personal touch and creates excitement for customers for a great unboxing experience.

These stickers can make your packaging recognisable and improve brand visibility. There are various ways to incorporate this tool into your packaging.


Add Enticing Call to Action


Always add a compelling call to action that encourages target customers to take a desired action. Whether you want them to follow your social media channels, purchase products, get the promo code, and more. It pays to be more precise with your intention so customers know what to do next.

This is crucial if you are using these stickers for promotional purposes. Always inform the customers what steps you want them to take next.


Final Thoughts

Remember the importance of print marketing, especially custom stickers, to scale your business. If designed and used well, this can boost brand awareness, generate more potential customers, and increase revenue. There is no wrong with wanting to grow your business. But scaling would be more practical if you are on a tight budget or a startup. Growth will follow.