5 Reasons Why Bumper Stickers is a Good Mobile App Advertising Tool

Posted by StickerDot on April 01, 2021

Are you planning to advertise your newly-launched mobile application targetting an offline channel?

Know that it is always possible!

Although we are now in a more modernised and digital era, print ads are traditional marketing that will never go out of style.

Why? Because they remained tangible for a long time, making your brand memorable.

It is no secret how far an online marketing platform can reach a massive audience, such as social media, TV commercials, digital billboards, and more.

But this medium is quite expensive and will last for a limited time, depending on your marketing budget.

Print ads can be used or displayed long-term without requiring additional fees for the promotions.

And when we say print advertising, they are newspapers, magazines, flyers, brochures, stickers, business cards, postcards, printed t-shirts, banners, leaflets, and more.

“According to a survey, 40% of online consumers are more likely to purchase after being influenced by an offline marketing channel.” — Shopify

This information has something to do with promoting your mobile app using bumper stickers.

Still not convinced?

Below are the five reasons you should consider using bumper stickers as a marketing tool!

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Cheap to Produce

There are many custom-printed materials that you can choose from, and of them is custom bumper stickers. They are cheap to produce with excellent quality. Plus, they are best applied both indoors and outdoors.

Say you will use this tool to hand it out to potential clients. Be sure to design it very well so they will display it proudly. This way, the clients are helping you to market your mobile app for free. Imagine how many people they could influence when displayed on their personal items.

Bulk Stickers Order

Supplied in Bulks

These stickers can be supplied in bulk, which helps you save more money. But if you are still trying to experiment, small quantities will do.

It is not the quantity that matters but the message of your campaign and the creativity to catch the attention of many. Make it a goal to win their first impression. They would surely take action and download the apps.


Boost Brand Identity

Mobile applications are no different from similar products but different brands. You need to stand out if you want to boost brand recognition. Design and materials play a crucial role. But there is more to it than that.

What is your goal behind developing that software application? Does it resonate with your target audience and could help them in a specific way? Highlight those benefits in your advertisement to encourage many people to patronise your masterpiece.


Durable and Customisable

Bumper stickers are made from thick vinyl and are designed for outdoor use. They are created to last long, endure harsh weather conditions, and remain vibrant despite being displayed for a while.

Why is this a good print advertising tool? Because they can be plastered anywhere without worrying about it being damaged or worn off. These stickers work best on car windows, walls, bicycles, and outdoor gear. It is also customisable to bring your vision to life.


Generate Massive Audience

Have you experienced entertaining yourself by reading ads you see on the road while stuck in traffic? Visualise that it was your ad people are looking at. Bumper stickers could generate a massive audience and influence them to take action.

Whether you hand it out, plaster it in your car, or use it as a freebie or giveaway, all will work out for your benefit. Stickers are underrated print marketing materials that other people are missing out on. Never miss this chance to promote your mobile app through this platform.

Final Thoughts

Bumper stickers already existed for many decades ago. People from the old times have been using it to promote products, spark conversation, campaign politicians, or make a statement. Whether you are up to online or offline marketing channels, both are beneficial once done well. Utilising stickers is cost-effective yet delivers excellent results to increase sales and potential clients. Never forget to include a QR code when designing your sticker. This way, people can access further information about the software application.