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How Spicy Pet Creatively Uses Swing Tags For Her Handcrafted Products

Posted by StickerDot on August 30, 2023

Venturing a new business in the pet industry is profitable yet challenging.

Why? Because the industry is broad with many key players and established businesses around.

But this should not discourage you from pursuing your passion for creating pet handmade products.

You can always find sub-niche or micro-niche ideas in the pet category, with less competition and high product demands.

“According to research, up to 85 million households own a pet. Pet ownership has increased from 56% to 68% of all households over the last 30 years.” — Forbes

People have learned to humanise their furry friends and treat them lovingly as part of the family.

In fact, there is an increasing popularity in pet care products, as fur parents ensure to provide the necessities for the well-being of their furbabies – be it products or services.

This is where Spicy Pet's handcrafted products become beneficial to many pets and Kiwis’ pet owners.

About Spicy Pet


Pistachio & Pepper

Shauni and her two pups, Pepper and Pistachio, are the team behind Spicy Pet.

Her small business started in 2020, where she handcrafted products for dogs and cats with personality.

But before this business was born, Shauni dreamed of opening a pet apparel business. Like every aspiring startup, she struggles to find her niche after trying different things.

Shauni's passion was embedded in crafting.

One night, she was sewing PJs for her pups and wanted to personalise them with their names. She realised that other pet parents might need a similar product.

With some encouragement from her friends, she pursued her dream business. And that is how Spicy Pet was created!

Her business is all about personalising items and creating something unique product for pets. It includes Custom ID Tags and other tag accessories.


Since crafting has been Shauni's passion, Spicy Pet is a channel to showcase her love of craft and pets. It allows her to improve the quality of products and services she offers.

Also, this business allowed her to meet so many people and dogs across New Zealand.

Check out her online shop at linkpop.com/spicypet for some cool stuff for your four-legged friends. You can also follow her social media channels to keep updated:

Instagram:  spicy.pet

How Swing Tags Complement Spicy Pet Handcrafted Products

Every product needs enticing packaging to make them presentable when delivered to your recipients.

Every packaging comes with great branding elements to help consumers identify where the parcel is coming from.

Let us dive further to know how Spicy Pet spices up her handcrafted products using swing tags to complement the overall aesthetic appeal:

Branding and Identity


Swing tags provide a space to showcase your brand name, logo, and other branding elements. This creates a consistent and professional look across all your handcrafted products. See how Spicy Pet incorporated the items with swing tags and packed them in transparent plastic bags.

This tool serves as a tangible reminder of your brand. It makes it easier for customers to recognise and remember your products. Plus, consistent branding reinforces brand identity.

Product Information


This tag also offers a convenient space to provide essential product information. It includes the product name, materials used, a brief description, care instructions, and other special features. These details help consumers understand the unique qualities of your handcrafted items.

You can also add your social media channels, website URLs, and QR codes to encourage customer engagement. The more people become familiar with your products and services, the more they will start to gain trust. Also, it helps them make an informed purchasing decision.



It pays to differentiate your products in a sea of many brands. Swing tags can set your handcrafted items apart from the competitors. Ensure a unique design, choose suitable finishes, and use high-quality cardstock materials.

A well-designed and eye-catching swing tag can draw attention to your products, making potential customers more likely to notice them. As always, be consistent in incorporating branding elements across various printed tools.



Say you have a client that wants to purchase your handcrafted products as a gift to someone. This tag can enhance the perceived value and gift-worthiness of your items. An excellent swing tag design and packaging can make the unboxing experience more special for both the buyer and the recipient.

What more? You can use writable cardstock material to give you a space to personalise your handwritten message. It is the best way to suit different occasions.

Enhance Visual Appeal


Incorporating swing tags can contribute to the overall visual appeal of your products. Spicy Pet uses high-quality cardstock, a recognisable colour scheme, and attractive typography. This makes the tag visually appealing and reflective of her brand’s style.

This strategy also added your unique selling proposition. Because you went the extra mile to make it presentable and professional-looking.



Creating a first and lasting impression is crucial. It makes your brand memorable to potential and existing customers. Incorporating product packaging presentation with swing tags is an excellent tangible tool.

It helps your brand stay at the top of people's minds. This can also encourage them to return for repeat purchases in the future or recommend your products to their friends and family.

Promotions and Sales


Customised tags are also a great way to announce upcoming sales or use them as discounts or vouchers to delight customers. Make an enticing offer that is hard to refuse so the pet parents can take advantage of them.

This tag is versatile and worthy of the investment for your handcrafted business. Spicy Pet’s branding proves that you can be creative in your marketing strategy with this tag.

Final Thoughts

Being creative in your marketing and branding strategies is imperative to success. People will start to recognise your brand and what you offer. Notice how Spicy Pet remains consistent in branding, using custom swing tags in her packaging. You, too, can create a memorable and recognisable brand.