Why You Should Order Sample Stickers Before Ordering in Bulk

If you are left undecided to choose what label material looks great for your overall brand packaging, we can’t blame you for being indecisive. That is why we created standard sample packs where we can provide samples of our various sticker materials, business cards, and even our custom magnets for you to explore a wide array of our products and what suits best for your packaging before you place an order in bulk. Below, we will provide you with good information you need to know about ordering our sample packs and how to be wise with your business investments and at the same time gain your reputation from your customers.  

Why are sample packs necessary?

You don’t want to be disappointed with your purchase especially in ordering custom stickers in bulk for your business branding. If you don’t have a single idea how different kinds of stickers work, you are fortunate enough if you come across a local printing company that offers sample packs of their products so you can have your peace of mind and picture out how it looks like if your business logo is in it. Besides, you will be having a wise purchase because you just ordered the perfect material for your product labels. 

Sample Pack Stickers

How to place an order?

Here at StickerDot, we offer two options for you to choose from. You can enjoy our standard sample pack for free if you pick it up personally in our office and will be available to serve you on weekdays, Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM. If you want to stay inside your humble abode, we are willing to deliver it to your doorstep with a $12 delivery fee. Please bear in mind that due to the high demand of orders, our turnaround time would last 4-5 working days.

Custom Stickers Free Delivery

Be smart with your decisions because regret only happens in the end. Don’t waste your hard-earned money with a custom sticker that won’t correlate to your vision for your product line up. Our recent blog, keep your online business intact with premium stickers is dedicated to online business owners who are struggling during the global pandemic. Take your time to read the whole blog and come up with refreshing insights today.

Custom Stickers & Labels

For more questions and concerns with our free sample packs, feel free to reach us out via email info@stickerdot.co.nz and our customer service will assist you with your needs.