Why Order Dome Stickers

If you are wondering what those distinctive 3D-looking labels are called? It is known as Dome Stickers or resin stickers, and nowadays, it is getting more attention than it used to be in the business scene because it is proven to make your business look modern and advance compared to your competitors who are using plain labels for their branding. In today’s blog, we will show you why you should be interested in it base on their uses, features, advantages, and other information that makes it an important promotional tool to all types of businesses, why you should place an order, and use it for your own business too.

Common uses and features 

Typically, dome stickers are used indoors and it is commonly found in computer tools, electronics, or laptops. With its promising features of full-color durable printing that is made out of high-quality clear plastic or resin, that is responsible for creating a three-dimensional design that makes your brand label stand out and more appealing from your competitors. 

What are the advantages?

You made a wise decision if you are using dome labels to promote your brand because the materials used are ideal for product packaging and brand advertising too. Since the clear plastic resin coating is protecting your brand logo labels from scratches and the color will remain vibrant and attractive. These advantages should make you reconsider using it in promoting your brand and your products. 

Dome stickers in a nutshell 

Definitely, it has good potential in marketing your brand because it effortlessly increases the customer base. After all, the sturdy material will help you in brand awareness and identification that plays an important role in successfully boosting your marketing efforts. In addition, they don’t only look good but they also feel good. That is one of the reasons why people are more drawn to it compared to other label materials that are appealing in the eyes but lack the tactile appeal.

There is no denying that it is the next big thing when it comes to brand promotion and guerilla marketing but when in doubt, you can order sample stickers before you order them in bulk. Here in StickerDot, you are in good hands because you can either choose from our standard sample pack or custom sample pack to make sure that we were able to meet your expectations from our products and we can help you choose the right set of marketing tools for your business. Reach us out today and you will experience high-quality printing products at an affordable price with fast turnaround time NZ-wide.