Use Custom Stickers to Implement Touch-Free Payment

Pandemic has slowed down businesses and companies. If you are one of the businesses that are struggling to cope up with today’s norm, you can get back on track without compromising your customers' and employees' health by implementing cashless payments. You can start by placing custom stickers to prevent spreading germs that cause physical contact. If you are wondering how you can do it, here are some helpful tips.        

Use the power of QR stickers

You can successfully implement a contactless payment with a little help from QR codes. This is usually a code shaped like a square that detects any smartphone, that will be directed to an online payment system app, which is one of the common paper method alternatives where you use checks or money as a mode of payment. Make sure that the code is large and has a higher image resolution so that your customers will experience a smooth transaction with your business. 

Offer special promos or deals

To encourage your customers to follow your cashless policy, you can offer them special discounts when they go cashless or maybe give them freebies such as car bumper stickers where they can attach it to their vehicles. Using the reward system never gets old and it is still effective to convince customers to obey the new rules.

Charge your customers via invoices 

This can be beneficial to all kinds of businesses, especially small businesses. It is a kind of document that aims to confirm if the customer received their ordered products. When you use an invoice, you don’t need to demand a physical interaction with your customers and employees, they just have to pay it electronically over their smartphones. You can incorporate stickers by sending them good packaging in putting your logo labels in your delivery bags or boxes. Rest assured that they will easily adapt to the new setup because of how you handle well with their orders.         

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