Types of Business Cards That you Should Know

A business card is where you put your important information with your company or business that makes it a reflection of your branding. That is why you need to think twice about what card type you should be using. There are different types of calling cards that are made for you and we're here to help you with what suits you best.  

Standard Business Cards

You will never go wrong with choosing standard business cards. It is a safer option if you are a conservative type and you are not into experimenting yet. This card type is so uncomplicated that it is great if you have no time to work with a printing company with more supervision. Hence, the cheapest among other materials.  

Textured Premium Business Cards

It shows a premium look to your card because it creates a sharp and sleek design that makes it very noticeable. The right balance of a non-lustrous surface blends well with the luxurious design. This is ideal if you want to accentuate your business logo with an aesthetic approach. Here at StickerDot, we offer different designs and materials that are tailored-fit to your budget.

Kraft Business Cards

If you are going for a rustic theme card, you can go for kraft business cards. This card type is good for businesses that are selling environment-friendly and sustainable products. It has a matte finishing that makes the simple material shine through. To make an emphasis on your business information, you should pair it with a black or dark-colored print.

Dark Business Cards 

The color black might be associated negatively such as sadness or despair but when you use it for your business card, it represents luxury and power. That is why high-end brands love to use black on their business branding because it never goes out of style and it is more luxurious when you add a stamped foil to your design. 

Folded Business Cards

This is the same as standard business cards but the good thing about it is that it has twice the space to put every detail you want to present to your potential customers. You can cultivate the space by putting the list of products and services in your store so that your customers will have an idea about your line of business.

Aside from helping businesses, business cards also are a good tool to market your freelance job. No matter what business or profession you are in, you can always use calling cards to present your skills and expertise to gain good business opportunities.

StickerDot is one of the trusted printing companies in New Zealand. We are proud that we are able to provide business solutions with our products and services at a reasonable price. Give us a call and our team will help you with your needs.