Relive Your Epic Vacations With Photo Stickers

We are facing a global pandemic and it prohibits us from traveling and experiencing different cultures around the world. If you are a wanderlust, it must be hard for you to get stuck at home and do nothing. Don’t bore yourself at home and start to be productive by recreating your adventures within the four corners of your home through photo stickers. Curious about how it works? Just keep your eyes on this blog and have a good trip to memory lane.

Vinyl stickers as a scrapbook material

If you want to get crafty and at the same time keep it in a book, you can scrapbook your way in your travel memories with your friends, family, or yourself. The good thing that technology is evolving throughout time and cameras are handy and portable with the help of smartphones. You don’t have to bring heavy-duty cameras to have high-definition photos because smartphones are built with high megapixel cameras with high-pitched colors. Make sure that your favorite photos are kept in an album and send it to your favorite stickers printing company, hence, customized it with desired cut either kiss-cut or die-cut. It all depends on how you like it to be presented on your scrapbook.

Classic Paper Stickers for your mood board

Are you fond of creating mood boards on your spare time? Why don't you create with one of the most unforgettable trips you had for the past few years as an inspiration for your mood board. It's nice if you stick those photos as a motivation to look at the brighter side of things. Just think that this too shall pass and you'll get all the fun back once it's all settled. 

Bring your precious memories anywhere you go

Would it be nice to put one of the most memorable trips with your friends and loved ones in your car and share it with the people who were with you on vacation? You can now do it by using bumper stickers to engraved the memory wherever you go. It can be a good sentimental piece and accessory to your car without being too loud. In addition, it is made up of sturdy materials without leaving any unwanted residue on your car window. You may relive the memory and give them away to your friends and loved ones so that they’ll feel special and appreciated during these unprecedented times.

At StickerDot, we always want to make our customers happy especially during tough times where we do different ways to cope up and survive. Whether to reminisce a memory, upscale your business branding, or change the world, one sticker at a time, we are here to serve you with good-quality products at an affordable price with fast turnaround time. You don’t have to worry about a single thing when it comes to finding the right label solutions because we got you covered.