Keep Your Online Business Intact With Premium Stickers

Being an e-commerce business owner throughout the pandemic is a huge responsibility to handle since you need to create ways to provide a safe work environment for your employees and reassuring your customers that you are doing the best that you can to keep them safe as well. Whether you run your business via your own website or an e-commerce page, it is a must that you are able to comply with the safety protocols, and here are the following secured ways to give them a good buying experience online.

Wash Mask Distancing Custom Stickers

Create a “new process” in fulfilling their orders

You always want the best for your customers because they are the ones that keep your business in good shape. Finding the safest route in packing and shipping the orders consumes your time in research and in trial and error but luckily we’re here to give you the simplest advice by just telling your employees that it is necessary to use protective gear like wearing sanitizing the products, gloves, and face masks when packing the orders. To top it off, you should let them know that they’ll only use new sets of stickers to make sure the adhesive stays put.

This Workplace Observes Social Distancing Die Cut Stickers

Use customised stickers to indicate physical distancing

Your employees are as important as your customers because they are the one who speaks on behalf of your business and the ones who strictly follow your customer’s requests and demands and make sure that they exceeded the customer’s expectation. Always be mindful of their health by adding custom sticker labels that clearly state that your employees should be one meter apart from each other in order to keep them safe and productive from work too.

Don't Let Your Mask Down Protect Yourself At All Cost Custom Stickers

Show transparency to your customers 

In your product label, you should indicate the steps that your business did to follow safety protocols like explaining the new process in fulfilling their orders. To show that you care for your customers, you may put safety tips on how to stay healthy and protected from the COVID-19 pandemic such as regularly wash their hands, avoid close contact, and disinfect regularly.    

Why stickers still gain importance despite strong online marketing competition? It is simply because it can visually appeal to people easily no matter what age group you belong to. Make a wise decision and find the nearest local sticker printing provider today.  

Now that you are done with keeping your customers’ orders and your employees safe, allow StickerDot to make your plans come true without spending a fortune. Adapting to the “new normal” can be overwhelming but you don’t have to worry as you choose us as to print labels in New Zealand, your e-commerce business will stay afloat.