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How to Market Pet Products with Swing Tags

Posted by on March 22, 2021

If you are a loving pet owner and you want to start a business out of your passion for these furry animals, you can start your own pet business that is profitable and trendy. If you are worried that it won’t be a hit, swing tags are one of the accessories you need to sell more pet products, and from here, we will show you ways how you can use them to your own advantage.

Attach your website

Are you having a hard time gaining online engagements from your customers? Don’t worry because swing tags are the perfect tool to help you gain customer engagement whether it’s on your official website or social media platforms by just attaching them to your product tags. This strategy is a great opportunity to get brand recognition and exposure

Tender Cats Custom Swing Tags

Place important information

If you are still starting your business and you don’t have the budget to hire more employees for your pet shop, you must put all the important information about your products in your hang tags so your customers will have an idea and won’t be needing any assistance from your employees. Information such as price, size, and ingredients (if you are selling pet-friendly foods) are just a few things you need to disclose.

Kyles Dog Treats Print Swing Tags

A product manual substitute

To make a product manual more enticing to read, you can widen your creativity and just place it on your swing tags that will encourage them to take their time to get to know about the product since it is attached directly to the product’s primary packaging. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, using it can highlight the selling point of your pet products and convince them to make a purchase.


tbone cracker content label swing tags

The opportunity to show gratitude

One of the ways to gain your customer’s trust is to express gratitude for every purchase they get from your shop. With swing tags, you can use it as a thank you card alternative that is more practical and at the same time stylish when you make the right design that matches well with your overall business branding. 

thank you swing tags

Now you know how to come up with the best swing tag to gain sales and your customers’ loyalty. If you have no idea where to get your product tags printed, you can trust StickerDot for your business needs. We offer different affordable printed products with a fast turnaround time New Zealand-wide that will help elevate your business to greater heights. Reach out to us today to learn more about us and what we can do for your business’ growth.