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Advertise Mobile App Using Bumper Stickers

Posted by on April 01, 2021

Are you a mobile app developer and you want your app to get recognised by people? If you think that online marketing is the answer, think again. Sometimes the effective way to advertise your product for people to notice is by creating a solid marketing strategy offline by using a promotional tool meant for outdoors — Bumper Stickers. Still skeptical about how it is related to your app’s success? We’ll show you the benefits of using it as your go-to marketing tool.

Cheaper in large quantities

The good thing about bumper stickers is that it gets cheaper when you order in bulk and printing companies are now using state-of-the-art printing tools and equipment that makes the mass production process much faster and easier. When you order them in large quantities, there is a higher chance for your mobile app to get the recognition that you always dream of because you can give it to as many as you like and with the right design, they’ll be please to stick it to their personal belongings and unconsciously endorsing your app for free.

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Hassle-free distribution 

Giving grand gestures to your customers just to use your app will discourage your customers because they’ll think that there is something sketchy about your app or you’re going to ask for something in return. On the other hand, if you’re not doing anything to interact with them, your target market won’t give your app a try. Giving bumper stickers is a practical way to advertise your app and the good thing about it is that people from different age groups are fond of using custom labels that is why it is an ideal giveaway tool. 

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Easily establishes brand identity 

One of the difficult things in successfully advertising your app is being able to establish your own brand identity especially if you haven’t fixed your mind with the right logo and colour scheme you’ll be using for your app. Before launching your app, you should first settle these things and once it is all done, you can start creating your bumper sticker design that can help reinforce your brand to a wider audience and make your phone application stand out from your competitors. 

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Now that you know why bumper stickers are the best automobile advertising tool to use especially in launching your new mobile app, we hope we’re able to give you new insights on using one of the credible offline marketing strategies that are practical and customer friendly.

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