4 tips on how to make an effective slogan

A slogan is a phrase or line of a sentence that is used to help consumers remember a company, brand, service or product. This is to capture the attention through a short message, or phrases that will stick in people's minds.

Having said that, slogans must be memorable. They must give people an idea of what your company or product does and it must relate to your business in a great way.  Even if they only consist of few words, slogans can take hours, sometimes much more, to write. Each word has to perfectly suit. 

Here are important things to consider: 

1. If you are writing a slogan, the first tip is to take a look at your logo, product, services for ideas. The slogan should match the feel or essence of the logo, products, and the services because they are displayed together. 

2. It is equally important to keep the slogan simple but memorable. Use rhyming or humor if appropriate for greater remembrance.

3. Although not everyone can write a slogan. You can ask help through an expert.  That could be from a copywriter, a freelance writer or can seek help from an advertising agency to come up with a good slogan. 

4. You can also ask from colleagues, and have brainstorming sessions with them. Because the more ideas, the better it is. Members might be too close to the product or service to write an effective slogan because their opinions and thoughts are on target. 

There are a number of good slogans that have been used in advertising. Many have been around for decades, and consumers immediately associate those slogans with a particular brand, company or product.  A perfect example will be Nike’s slogan that says: "Just do it".  It’s been decades and this slogan has become very successful in sending the company’s message across.

Where is the place will you put your slogan? The slogan must be placed together with your brand name or brand logo to avoid confusion and for effective brand marketing.   

You can also place it in sticker labels, an advertisement like banners, billboard, swing tags and also recommended in a business card. Vinyl lettering is also great when it comes to displaying your message. It can be placed in front of glass walls in your shop or store.

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