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Car Bumper Stickers Free Design & Delivery

Bumper PVC Stickers

- suitable for both indoor and outdoor use!

Synthetic resin material (plastic), with very good water resistance and durability, outdoor use for several months is possible.

It is a material that is thicker compared to vinyl sticker.

Non glossy finish to matt surface is our natural finish. But can also be on gloss finish upon request.

NOTE: Our stickers durability still depends on its exposure to environmental elements.

Full Colour
Colour was vibrant and alive with more emphasis.

Fast Turnaround Printing
Turnaround time is 4-6 working days.

auckland-bumper-pvc-sticker-michelin-nz christchurch-custom-pvc-sticker-nz dunedin-car-pvc-sticker-gambler-nz hamilton-motorcycle-pvc-sticker-morris-nz invercargill-bumper-pvc-sticker-edoya-nz nelson-area-outdoor-pvc-sticker-feeia-wind-nz new-plymouth-bumper-pvc-sticker-bill-gates-nz tauranga-outdoor-pvc-sticker-sticker-doshi-nz wellington-custom-bumper-pvc-sticker-nz auckland-outdoor-pvc-sticker-smiley-nz christchurch-motorcycle-pvc-sticker-66-nz dunedin-truck-pvc-sticker-landing-nz

Bumper Stickers / Silk Printing

hamilton-bmx-pvc-sticker-paddy-hopkirk-nz invercargill-motorcycle-pvc-sticker-crankin-nz nelson-area-outdoor-pvs-sticker-notice-nz new-plymouth-truck-pvc-sticker-ray-white-rockingham-nz tauranga-motorcycle-sticker-mercia-fell-runners-nz

Recently ordered Customised Bumper PVC Stickers from prestigious clients.
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